Friday, February 08, 2013

What's makes us stock up?

Before Sandy, we experienced a surge in orders, more than any other storm and not unlike Sandy, currently, we are experiencing another up swing in orders.  What makes us stock up before a storm in Manhattan?  Stocking up in Manhattan is not like stocking up in other parts of the city like outskirts of Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx.  Unless you have a store or a townhouse of sort, you are not buying rock-salt for the street or shovels.

What's on your order? I know that I have ordered more things than I would normally order if a storm was not coming upon us.  Hmmm. Hot chocolate for tonight... click, just added to my cart.  What else?  Yes!  Movie and Popcorn for tonight! Milk for the coffee in the morning which I know we will not make it to our standard coffee place.  Pancakes?  Will we be in the apartment for that long?

Current Message on the site.

Winter Weather Alert
Due to the extreme weather today, delivery times may be delayed - please note the next available delivery time before ordering.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but we must be safe during these tough conditions.
We are currently experiencing some delays. 

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