Saturday, February 02, 2013

Finally February

For us, January have always seems a little slow for us in spirit.  I guess it's the "after the holiday blues" and the daunting start of a new year and of the resolutions we made on New Year's Eve or on New Year's day with alcoholic beverages in hand.  We tried to abide by one of our resolutions this year with BluePrint juices.  For one of us, it was far too easy to go on for days without food but only juice.  Others... not so much (like this writer).  However, this writer found a compromise and modified to have a light breakfast and juice the rest of day. It was do-able and we felt better for the rest of the month.

So it's all about modification for the long haul.  But we are still happy that February is finally here!  Our resolutions are beginning to fade....

For your eyes only, try if you dare.

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