Tuesday, February 05, 2013

We're all chefs in our minds!

One Sunday, we were cleaning out our closets and had the t.v. on for background noise.  It was on PBS from the night before... we were watching Charlie Rose (that's another post).  Frankly, we were too lazy to find the remote to change the channel.  We found a gem!  How did we not know about this?  It's been on since November on Sundays at 4:30pm.  Anthony Bourdain narrates the inner mechanics of David Chang's culinary mind of Momofuku fame.  We watched the egg episode and it was both culinary challenging and so simple.

 "The Mind of a Chefis a reinvention of a travel-cooking show,” says Bourdain. “This season we go inside the kitchen, the world, and the mind of chef David Chang. This show is a chance to explore that mind in all its tangled glory."

Can't believe we missed season 1!  

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