Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fajitas Night!

All chopped up and ready to go!  That's right we're having fajitas tonight! It's even easier now with the new J Vrola Meat Selection.  We're loving the three pack rainbow peppers and the baby zucchini as you can see in the picture.

Soon we're expanding our tortilla selection to include organic tortillas!

What's for dinner tonight for you?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What's in your bag?

Every week we are growing our produce selection!  We've expanded from non-organic produce to organic and even adding some more exotic produce and fruits.  For example, I am obsessed with the Pomelo (top right corner citrus).  The Pomelo looks like one giant grapefruit but inside that thick rind is a sweet (slightly tart) meaty flesh. It's a great acid for salads!

Tell us what other fruits and vegetables you would like to see and we'll get it!

Tonight we're making our roasted tomato soup!  Try this recipe, it's our favorite.

For you blog readers, here's a plum tomato sale - Buy 4 for $2.00  Use Code: Plum

Thursday, February 21, 2013

What's being bought now!

We've just added a new feature on our website, the "What's Being Bought Now" feature which appears on the left side of the web page.  "What's Being Bought Now" is a real-time feed of items currently being bought on the website.  

We always get inspiration from this feature. They are products we would rarely have in our carts but sometimes it inspires us to get and use for our dinner or have around the house.

Of course, we are very susceptible to other products like Doughnut Plant doughnuts.... 

Here's a blog sale for our faithful blog readers only.  Philadelphia Cooking Creme Sale for $2.49.  You save $1.5  Use Code: CREME

Let us know what you think of "What's Being Bought Now"?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Do Good & Eat Well Now!

CSA for Wellness is back!

For a second year, we will be bring you farm fresh, certified organic product directly to your table in under an hour!

Your family will receive JUST-PICKED, LOCAL, ORGANIC PRODUCE, and a share of low spray FRUIT every week for 21 weeks, starting on or about June 11th through October 29th.

Your food arrives IN A BOX, ready for same day pick up or for home delivery with the 1 hour Max DELIVERY OPTION.

You can order a FULL SHARE or a MEDIUM SHARE, both come each week, and both include FRUIT each week.
You also have the option to ADD ON artisanal house made cheeses, additional fruit, natural grass-fed beef and eggs from pasture-raised hens.

CSA for Wellness has no volunteer requirement

Your CSA share box can be DELIVERED RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR!  Sign up now!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Don't Dunkin'!

Finally, we are proud to announce our newest Best of New York brand to our growing selection of New York artisanal shops.

If you were a newsletter subscriber, you would have seen the clues below.
1. Done right, it's a "pockets of air" confection!
2. The shop first debut in Japan.
3. America's not running on it.

Did you guess it?

You can wow your office mates or guests with Doughnut Plant doughnuts rather than Dunkin' doughnuts.  They will finally understand why this beloved Lower Eastside shop have everyone from Vogue to Top Chef - Just Desserts raving about these treats.

Let us deliver these tasty treats to your door in under an hour!

Monday, February 18, 2013

It's never too late for chocolates!

Is it too late for chocolate hearts?  In my world, NEVER!  We still have these wonderful    
edible heart box filled with chocolate covered cheerios by Jacques Torres.  They're on sale of course for $3.75 each (reg. 14.99)

If that does not cheer your post Valentine blues, then try Reese's Milk Chocolates, Peanut Butter, Hearts .  It's always a good "pick me up".

If you're still in the mood for hearts of a different sort, then try this.  On this cold cold windy weekend, we made peppermint marshmallows with just Cool Whip, Peppermint Extract and water!   We placed our Peppermint Marshmallows in Jacques Torres Hot Chocolate and it was to die for!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Introducing our new mobile & tablet app!

We launched it late last week!  Now you can order from MaxDelivery via your mobile device! Apple or Android; smart phone or tablet, it's now easy as pie!  Speaking of which, let have a pie sale just for you blog readers!  Sara Lee Pies - Buy 2 for $9.99 Apply Code: PIE   

Let us know what you think about our new app!  We've made MaxDelivery even faster.

Friday, February 08, 2013

What's makes us stock up?

Before Sandy, we experienced a surge in orders, more than any other storm and not unlike Sandy, currently, we are experiencing another up swing in orders.  What makes us stock up before a storm in Manhattan?  Stocking up in Manhattan is not like stocking up in other parts of the city like outskirts of Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx.  Unless you have a store or a townhouse of sort, you are not buying rock-salt for the street or shovels.

What's on your order? I know that I have ordered more things than I would normally order if a storm was not coming upon us.  Hmmm. Hot chocolate for tonight... click, just added to my cart.  What else?  Yes!  Movie and Popcorn for tonight! Milk for the coffee in the morning which I know we will not make it to our standard coffee place.  Pancakes?  Will we be in the apartment for that long?

Current Message on the site.

Winter Weather Alert
Due to the extreme weather today, delivery times may be delayed - please note the next available delivery time before ordering.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but we must be safe during these tough conditions.
We are currently experiencing some delays. 

Thursday, February 07, 2013

What's for dinner?

We've all been there, at a stand still with what to make for dinner with what we have in the pantry or refrigerator.  We're recently (yes, late to the party) found this blog and snag a copy of our new favorite cookbook

From their "about the book" section - 

Dinner: A Love Story is a cookbook/memoir that covers all the things that can happen at the family dinner table during all stages of a family’s life. That means it covers the Just-Moved-in-Together Stage, the Just-Married Stage, the New Parent Stage, the Bonafide All-Parties-Present-and-Eating Stage.  It contains nearly 120 recipes (favorites from this blog as well as brand new soon-to-be favorites) and over 50 color photographs. It is a book for anyone reaching a milestone — moving in together, getting married, having a baby — as well as anyone who thinks that ending the day with a shared meal is, well…just about the best way to end a day.

We absolutely love the blog and can't wait to tackle a few or all the recipes in the book.  We'll share and let you know.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Coffee, Kaffe, Cafe, 咖啡, café, koffie, kape, кофе

Hmmmm...sometimes it's liquid gold for us in the morning after a long night.  Needless to say when we saw this post from The Manhattan User's Guide about "The Best Coffee in New York" we were hopping!

We were further delighted that MUG listed La Colombe Torrefaction  as one of the best coffees in town. If you can't make it to one of three locations in Manhattan (Tribeca, Noho and Soho), MaxDelivery can deliver it you!

We love the Nizza with caramel nutty tones (Nizza is primarily built as an espresso blend but also works very well with all brewing methods) or the Savoia with Cocoa tones. 

Let us entice (apply code: COLOMBE)  Save $5 with any purchase of La Colombe Torrefaction Coffees.

Tell us which one do you like?

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

We're all chefs in our minds!

One Sunday, we were cleaning out our closets and had the t.v. on for background noise.  It was on PBS from the night before... we were watching Charlie Rose (that's another post).  Frankly, we were too lazy to find the remote to change the channel.  We found a gem!  How did we not know about this?  It's been on since November on Sundays at 4:30pm.  Anthony Bourdain narrates the inner mechanics of David Chang's culinary mind of Momofuku fame.  We watched the egg episode and it was both culinary challenging and so simple.

 "The Mind of a Chefis a reinvention of a travel-cooking show,” says Bourdain. “This season we go inside the kitchen, the world, and the mind of chef David Chang. This show is a chance to explore that mind in all its tangled glory."

Can't believe we missed season 1!  

Here's Egg sale for our blog readers 
(use code EGGBLOG) 

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Finally February

For us, January have always seems a little slow for us in spirit.  I guess it's the "after the holiday blues" and the daunting start of a new year and of the resolutions we made on New Year's Eve or on New Year's day with alcoholic beverages in hand.  We tried to abide by one of our resolutions this year with BluePrint juices.  For one of us, it was far too easy to go on for days without food but only juice.  Others... not so much (like this writer).  However, this writer found a compromise and modified to have a light breakfast and juice the rest of day. It was do-able and we felt better for the rest of the month.

So it's all about modification for the long haul.  But we are still happy that February is finally here!  Our resolutions are beginning to fade....

For your eyes only, try if you dare.

Friday, February 01, 2013

2013! It's been awhile....

So it's been a while since we've have posted. Since it's a new year, we'll give "The Speed of Life" a new beginning.  We're gonna start slow and we'll try to post everyday with our musings about NYC and living in Manhattan.

First up, it's Friday and we'll off to an early start... 
So we need some filling and warm food for this windy Friday Morning.
We made Grits. I know it's a southern thing but in NYC it's a fast, economical and decadent thing.  It was so easy and so savory for a creamy treat!

We had Grits, Applegate Cheddar Cheese and an avocado.  Boil 1 cup of water for every 1/4 cup of grits.  (1/4 cup of grits serves 2 bowls of grits).  When the water is boiling, pour in grits while stirring.   Lower stove to medium low and keep stirring till it thickens.  But just as it thickens we added 1 slice of cheddar cheese and stir till completely melted into the grits.  Waa la! It's done.  Add salt (we're fancy, so we added kosher or sea salt) and if you like Paprika to taste.  We sliced a avocado and used it to dip and eat with our grits.

Hmmmm so warm and filling on this cold winter day.