Wednesday, March 06, 2013

We love King Trumpets!

I love mushrooms.  I try to add mushrooms in almost every recipe I have.  I can write forever about different mushroom for different recipe. However, the King Trumpet reigns supreme. It is by far my favorite mushroom.  Have your ever try it?   It is giant compare to other mushroom hence its nom "King".  When sliced thin or thick, it emits a butter fragrance when sautéed and it's a great substitute for meat for vegetarians. It has a meaty texture. 

Last night, I used it in my pasta below.  I sauté a few gloves of garlic, shallots, diced asparagus, King Trumpet mushrooms, spinach and some cook shrimp. Paired up my dish with gnocchi. Dinner in less than half an hour!

Did you know that the King Trumpet is a good source of dietary fiber and low in calories and cholesterol-free, King Trumpet is also a good source of antioxidants to help support a strong and healthy immune system. This mushroom variety has been proven to support healthy cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of fat accumulation in the liver.

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