Friday, June 17, 2011

Gloomy Weather

Weather looking overcast and gloomy today.  For most people, weather like this can make you miserable, but I am happier than a duck on a pond on stormy days like this.

Nothing makes the benefits of our service more clear than a few raindrops on the window when you realize you are out of milk or want a fresh steak.  You can stay in and stay dry while we schlep around in the rain with all of your goods. 

(And, for those of you who worry about the rain for our staff or your orders, our staff is given high quality rain gear and your items are protected in waterproof bags during transit)

So, the next time you see the rain clouds looming, you can probably blame it on me; I've spent years perfecting a large variety of rain dances and other rituals.

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Yes, really.