Tuesday, May 10, 2011

O Ottomanelli & Sons Meat Market

I am overjoyed with the addition of O Ottomanelli & Sons Meat Market to Max Delivery.  From a customer's perspective, having super-high quality, affordable steaks, lamb, and other meats is great for me - as one of Max Delivery's biggest customers, having better meat will make me very happy.

From the business owner's point of view, this partnership gives us another unique product line that saves our customer's time and energy and gives them another reason to use us.

From a New Yorker's point of view, I love supporting the small businesses around town and avoiding the "big box store" crazy mentality that has gripped the rest of the world.  I love our small shops full of people like the Ottomanelli brothers. Drop by their store on Bleecker St in the West Village to say hi.

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