Wednesday, May 18, 2011

O Ottomanelli & Sons Are So Nice

You have to meet the 4 Ottomanelli Brothers to really understand how great this meat shop is.  They are incredibly friendly and they work the counter themselves giving you personalized service with a huge knowledge base.

I am so happy to have them as part of our Best of New York partners.  They continue the tradition of finding the best small stores around town and bringing it to my door.  But, they also continue in the tradition of Deb/Peg from Sugar Sweet Sunshine, Jason/Amy from Artisan Wines, Roni from Roni-Sue all the others in being great people to work with.

There is something refreshing about dealing with good small business people.  They know their business, they are honest, and agreements are easy to come to because all sides are looking to make it work for everybody, not to cheat each other.

Looking forward to more of this long-term relationship with another great local business.

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