Thursday, August 19, 2010

Introducing Sonny & Joe's Dips

We had a suggestion to add the hummus and dip line from Sonny and Joes.  We have some great options already, so I approached it skeptically, but, since they are also a local company in the city, we said we'd give it a try.

Wow.  It seems strange to say that about hummus and babaganoush, but we really have to say Wow.

Personally, I am a garlic fiend, so their Garlic Addiction Hummus drew my eye.  After one taste, I was sold.  You have to try this along with the Buffalo flavor, Galilee (w/olives), and Toasted Sesame.

Sonny & Joe’s® continues the tradition of handcrafted excellence that first began on pushcarts in the early 1900s. An emphasis on real ingredients belies the philosophy that the truest flavor comes from a focus on high quality. Today the recipes live on in Sonny & Joe’s® spreads, salads and more, prepared in micro batches for freshness, blending spices and ingredients from around the world.

Give them a try and let me know if you agree that they truly are a step above the other options.

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