Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Too Darned Hot

The temp should cross 100 today, but it's much worse on the roads where the asphalt seems to be roughly the temperature of the sun.  As we move into the real summer heat this year, we will take our usual precautions to make sure that we get things there in a safe and reliable manner.

We love that MaxDelivery is not contributing to global warming with our bicycles, but we need our people to be pedaling those bikes.  On most days, it is not a problem, but things change when there is a 100 degree steamy day in Manhattan.  Riding a bike through the NY streets on days like today challenges your commitment to being environmentally friendly.  It's easy to choose to ride bicycles in 65 degree nice weather, but it's much more of a challenge to your eco-credentials when you need to find safe and effective ways to deliver in the sauna-like conditions you find out there today.

There is no debate that our delivery staff has a tough job, especially when the thermometer spikes.  Rest assured that we are doing all that we can to keep our staff healthy and safe in doing it - especially making sure they stay hydrated and move a little slower so as to not overexert themselves.

That goes for anyone biking on a day like today - make sure you slow it down just a bit and drink more water or sports drinks than you normally would - it's scary how fast this heat can cause problems if you don't pay attention.

Or, better yet, stay in today and let us brave the heat.  We'll still get you your items on time and in great condition - we'll just be moving a little more carefully today.

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